Trust Your Gut

 Trust your Gut.  My 16 year old asked for the car keys this morning.  My heart stopped. Yesterday he passed his road test, today he wants to drive to school.  I think OK, maybe … scanning my brain for objections.  Part of me wants to keep him safe (and whole) for along as possible and […]

Its noon- how’s it going?

Have you been productive already? Did you have a plan? If not, write down three things you want to get done by 5PM- ready, set, go!

What I like about organizing

As a professional organizer, you would assume that I am passionate about organizing. I am not. I am passionate about people. Given the choice between being at home and dealing with my own piles or going to Pleasantville and sorting out Mrs. Martin’s closet, I will chose Mrs. Martin and her closet every time. Yes, […]