Trust your Gut.  My 16 year old asked for the car keys this morning.  My heart stopped. Yesterday he passed his road test, today he wants to drive to school.  I think OK, maybe … scanning my brain for objections.  Part of me wants to keep him safe (and whole) for along as possible and yet I remember the thrill of driving by myself the first time.  I want him to have that thrill and he has earned the privilege of driving.  So after a speedy conference with my husband, a 60 second review with our son about the inherent hazards of the road, we drop the keys in my beaming son’s hand.  As I stand there watching him start the car, I realize- he’s not listed on our insurance policy as a licensed driver, only as a permit holder- HE’S NOT COVERED! Mad scramble to un-do this event, retrieve the keys- send him to the bus stop with his crest-fallen face.

Then I had a revelation. On the face of it, my fear of my son driving 6 miles to school, looked like I was just being the over-protective mother and nervous car owner which my husband convinced me was not grounded in statistical probability.  As I was reviewing this morning’s event, I realized that my initial hesitation was un-named, but justified.  Although I was still the nervous mother, it was this very real, non-negotiable fact that this kid had a junior license, but no insurance.  I had overlooked that significant detail in the excitement of this event of a license not even 24 hours old.  I had not fully processed all the ramifications of this event when the opportunity came up to put this new license into action.  Keys: check.  Mirrors: check. Seatbelt: check.  Insurance- STOP!!!

Thank God my spidey sense finally lined up with my brain, in time for him to catch the bus…  He can drive to school tomorrow, after I call the insurance company.

Bottom line:  Trust your gut, it’s probably right.

So… have you had this experience and did you listen to your gut?  How did it turn out?