Andréa of Organizing Wisdom will give you the tools to help simplify your life.

Control Your Clutter

If you're chronically disorganized or just experiencing a disruptive event — we can help.


We’ll identify the larger picture, and create custom processes and tools to help you take control of your surroundings.

Increase Your Productivity

Whether it's your home or your office, when you have systems designed to fit your lifestyle.


Getting organized and staying organized will be your reality. You’ll have the clarity, focus and time to get more things done.

Improved Quality of Life

It's true. When you have control over your surroundings, stress and anxiety will fade away.


You’ll be empowered to set and achieve more manageable goals — and really enjoy your life. Are you ready?

Do You Need a Professional Organizer?

Everyone’s life can get a little out of control. But, when you wake up one day and realize that your “stuff” has taken control of your life, it’s time for a professional organizer.

First, stop blaming yourself. It’s not about failure, or your inability to “fix” a problem. Sometimes it’s just about bringing in a fresh pair of eyes to help you see the bigger picture.

We have the training and the tools to help you assess the situation, identify the issues, and implement strategies to help you get un-stuck. Regain your sense of control and balance.

Our Most Requested Services

  1. Hands-on organizing
  2. Maintenance (organizing)
  3. Moves/relocations/downsizings
  4. Project management coordination
  5. Time management
  6. Speaking engagements
  7. Coaching
  8. Guest blogging
  9. Original content/articles

AD 70cropProfessional, Compassionate and Empowering.

For more than a decade Andréa has been consulting with residential and business clients — helping them gain control of their clutter, increase­­­­­­­­­­­ personal productivity, and improve their quality of life.

Andréa developed her passion and skills as the general manager of a large restaurant group in Manhattan, a sales manager with Dale Carnegie Training, and as a conference planner for Fortune 500 companies. She uses her experience to help clients re-organize their lives and surroundings. Andréa and her staff approach each project in a non-judgmental and supportive manner.

“Don’t put it off any longer… let’s get you organized!”

Why Choose Organizing Wisdom ?

There was a time when my life was getting ahead of me…. closets too full, cupboards popping out their dishes and pots, a garage full of projects, paperwork in shambles… then I met Andrea of Organizing Wisdom! What a pleasure it was working with her… she changed my life, and I found a real friend
A cheerful, creative, can-do, talented lady, Andréa of Organizing Wisdom was just what I needed to put my life in order.
I found Andrea’s work to be invaluable as I attempted to make sense of an overwhelming situation. Having moved into an old house in need of much repair, I was spinning in circles and accomplishing nothing. Andrea helped me to focus, prioritize, and get the work done. She has a real gift and tremendous energy, and has been a real asset to my project.