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How to Count My Blessings

At this time of year, we count our blessings because we have so much, sometimes too much and anticipate getting even more! According to the Cato Institute, Americans of all income levels are much wealthier today than we were only a few decades ago.  All this may have created a case of too much of [...]

How to Count My Blessings2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

Let the Dust Bunnies Fly!

In my house, the dust bunnies are as big as cats! Ok, maybe not that big but seriously, I am overrun with dust bunnies. He doesn’t know it, but my husband and I are playing chicken to see who will cave and get the vacuum out first. After 13 days he did... Read more

Let the Dust Bunnies Fly!2021-11-15T13:27:53-06:00

My Life is a Circus!

Often people are overwhelmed by their homes after years of living and growing as a family. This spring I worked with a woman named Carrie who was an emptynester with a big house and 4 pedigree spaniels... Read more

My Life is a Circus!2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

Grateful to Organize

As a professional organizer, you would assume that I am passionate about organizing. I am not -- being with other people and helping them sort out their stuff, gives me the opportunity to hear the stories behind their stuff... Read more

Grateful to Organize2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

Clean up—Company’s coming!

I go through this every month “Clean up, company’s coming!” I run around the house in a panic, picking up all my projects, spending hours just putting away my stuff before I can clean the house or my husband can clean it (whose fault it is anyway, for inviting people over!) What’s the matter with him?! What’s the matter with him?! Every month, my husband invites people over for wine and cheese. Although I am a professional—I am like most of you and my house is not always perfectly organized. Read more

Clean up—Company’s coming!2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

Do One Hard Thing

Do one hard thing every day.  Some days that may just mean getting up from the couch without using your arms!  Other days you may be ready for a bigger challenge, something you may define as “hard” like cleaning out a closet or weeding out your filing cabinet. Researcher Angela Duckworth writes about this in her book, Grit. Her research reveals that “that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent, but a special blend of passion and persistence.“ Read more

Do One Hard Thing2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

The Things We Keep

Memorabilia connects you to the past. If you have no direct connection to the object in question, then it becomes meaningless. Most people keep memorabilia from their parents, their childhood, and their children. How much do you keep, for how long, and then where does it go? Read more

The Things We Keep2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

Do it Badly

Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly—at least to start. As a recovering perfectionist, I have learned to get started on a project, even if I don’t have all the pieces together.  Sometimes just puttering, tinkering or moving the parts around will help me sort out my brain enough to give me an idea of how to tackle a project.  Read more

Do it Badly2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

Let it Go!

Dear friends, this month I just lost it: I was disorganized. Because of graduations, happy family events and the like, I was not able to devote myself to writing for you on a regular basis. Read more

Let it Go!2018-05-29T18:15:31-05:00
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