OK, the holidays are finally over (sniff) and the New Year is here. For some of our families, the holidays lingered into the New Year because of travel, taking turns with the epidemic and then there’s the good old work schedule. When did work interrupt our ability to have a good time?! But of course, work is good and we’re grateful to be employed and serving our fellow humans.

So now that we have a bright and shiny new year to embrace- how do we want to walk into the possibilities? Some of us start to think about what we want more of and what we want less of and generally these ideas have to do with your life, home and place in the world (or relationships.)

• What do you want more of, in the year ahead?
• What do I want less of?
• Do I have enough of the important stuff?
• Can I weed out the less important stuff?
• Am I spending enough time with the important people in my life?
• How do I let go of those commitments that are less satisfying?
• How can I have more fun?
• What would give me great satisfaction or sense of accomplishment this year? What’s the first step towards that goal?
• How can my home be full of more life and less stuff?
• Are the closets asking for order?
• Are the drawers suffering with being overstuffed?
• Is the basement languishing with discards?
• In the attic holding onto too many memories?

If I was to create an overlying theme for this shiny New Year, what would it be? Perhaps I want a richer and more satisfying life. I do not want to think about my life in terms of deprivation or restriction. I want things that expand and enrich. So if I going to invest in my health- I’m thinking of getting leaner, stronger and more full of life. Yes, to more veggies and more no-thank-you’s to the cookies. We’re still friends with the cookies, but it’s now a secondary relationship. Broccoli is a better friend to me and there are no regrets in the morning. If I’m thinking of my home, it’s in terms of more joy, beauty and peace. What can I add or takeaway to convey the feeling I want to have when I walk in the door each night? In terms of my relationships, I want to laugh and make memories with people who enjoy life and value what we have. So, in general, I want more beauty, peace and joy this year. What about you- what will you cultivate in this year’s garden of your life?