How to Trick Yourself to Get Organized

OK, I’m a little compulsive when it comes to order in my home, but not ALWAYS.  Sometimes, I have to fool myself into getting things done.  For example, yesterday I wanted a salad for lunch but that was too much work. But then I thought that if I needed 5 minutes to warm up the [...]

How to Trick Yourself to Get Organized2023-01-23T13:58:55-06:00

Grateful to Organize

As a professional organizer, you would assume that I am passionate about organizing. I am not -- being with other people and helping them sort out their stuff, gives me the opportunity to hear the stories behind their stuff... Read more

Grateful to Organize2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

Clean up—Company’s coming!

I go through this every month “Clean up, company’s coming!” I run around the house in a panic, picking up all my projects, spending hours just putting away my stuff before I can clean the house or my husband can clean it (whose fault it is anyway, for inviting people over!) What’s the matter with him?! What’s the matter with him?! Every month, my husband invites people over for wine and cheese. Although I am a professional—I am like most of you and my house is not always perfectly organized. Read more

Clean up—Company’s coming!2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

She Had File Envy

Who says paperwork is not sexy?!  This week, I was so impressed (and even charmed) by the paperwork and systems of a couple clients. I was even a little envious. When you keep things simple, it’s much easier to keep them organized. Envy is a signal for something that I want. I became a professional organizer because of envy, but that’s a story for another time. Read more

She Had File Envy2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Paper

OK, so here we are, three months into the new year, and you know you want to get organized! Let’s talk about paper—everyone’s nemesis—and yet somehow, we can’t let it go.  Even I, with all my online accounts—still want the phone and electric companies to send me a paper bill.  That way, in case I disappear from the face of the earth—someone will see that I have bills to pay, and that yes, I did exist! Read more

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Paper2022-04-11T17:31:16-05:00
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